Anthro-Inspired Heart Pillow

I was clickin’ around on the other day and saw something that caused me to become completely enraged.  A pillow for $198.  Are you kidding me?!  Are you friggin’ kidding me?!  Two hundo for something that my husband will eventually fart into?  No, no thank you.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

Now, I don’t really like to decorate with hearts.  I am not even a fan of Valentine’s Day (hubs thinks “it’s on the 16th this year”, ha!).  But this just really pissed me off.   I dropped everything and made my own version in about an hour.  You can, too.  Watch this.

I had a 17×17 pillow that was too ugly to be on my couch, so that’s what I decided to use as my pillow form.  Whatever size pillow you are using, add one inch to each side to get your cut size.

I cut two pieces of 18×18 canvas fabric.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

I grabbed some Heat’n Bond  and drew some hearts on it in various sizes…

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

…ironed it onto the back side of the fabric that I wanted to use and cut ’em out….

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

…. and trimmed ’em up…

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

Then I peeled off the backing and ironed ’em on.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

Then I loaded my machine with some black thread and got to sewin’.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

If you have a free-motion foot, this is the time to use it.  I tried to use my free-motion foot once and it was a disaster, so I just use the regular presser foot.  The key to “tracing” shapes with your sewing machine is to always make sure that when your needle stops, it stops down.  This will allow you to lift the presser foot and rotate the fabric around the needle.  Take care when rotating the fabric that you don’t pull on the needle and bend/break it.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

I trimmed the threads and went back for round two of hearts.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

The Heat’n Bond acts like glue to keep the hearts attached to the pillow, but the inspiration pillow has hearts with frayed edges, and I wanted to fray these a tad.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

I used a flat head screwdriver to rough up the edges.  You could also use a pencil eraser or your fingernail.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

There, now it looks almost as raggedy as that expensive Anthropologie pillow.  Dang, that price tag makes me mad!

Hearts up, I put my other piece of 18×18 fabric on top.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

Pinned ’em together…

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

And sewed ’em up, leaving an opening for my pillow form.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

This is an example of a not-big-enough hole.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

 Clip the corners, making sure not to clip the stitches.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

Turn it right side out and press, ironing down the opening.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

This gives you a good guide to go off of when pinning/stitching.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

Then I stuffed my ugly pillow in there…

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

…pinned the opening closed, grabbed needle and thread and then clicked here to watch a ladder stitch tutorial.  Since I normally make envelope backed pillow covers, I have to watch this video almost every time I make a pillow this way.  This stitch is invisible and super easy.  A great stitch to have in your bag of tricks.

Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow

That’s it.

Like it?


It’s $365 dollars.

Get crazy.  Get creative.  Sew something awesome….  and share it!


  1. Danni says

    Two hundo for something that my husband will eventually fart into? – Now somebody should needlepoint that : )

    I’m just like you, moved from Texas to Georgia. I’ve just found my love for making everything myself. Not sure if its love or boredom since my friends are still in Texas.

    I just taught myself to sew on a machine 2 weeks ago by watching YouTube videos. In that 2 weeks I got over zealous and thought I could make window treatments for my whole house…..I’ve kind of succeeded : )
    I’ve since made curtains for the living room, kitchen windows, butlers pantry (that one was an ugly accident so it got banished to the one window no one will see) and I’m halfway complete with my dining room windows.
    I’ve also made 2 pillow coverings and turned a dress into a maxi skirt for my daughter. Next on my list is my oversized ottoman!!! I’ve pulled the dust cover off the bottom and its flipped over in the middle of the living room… day : )

    If you happen to live in Savannah we could certainly get into some crafting mishaps/triumphs together!
    Prerequisite – you have to love wine, or beer : ) (or really good cheese)

    • says

      Oh, Danni. I do love wine, beer and especially cheese. I’m in the Atlanta area, though. 🙁 Where in Texas are you from? How’s the Georgia Mexican food treatin’ ya? It’s killing me. Olive oil in guac? White queso?

  2. Kathie says

    There are so many UNtalented people out there who would PAY that $198 for a pillow simply because it’s from Anthro. Good for you on showing how simply it can be done!!! Kudos

  3. says

    I really am loving your site and humor. Plus< I agree. Nobody needs to spend that much on a pillow. Or most of the arts/crafty stuff they buy for 5 x the price.

    However…..if I happen to make one someday that someone wants to pay that much for, I think I'd hand that pillow over willingly.

  4. says

    Hi Dena, I mentioned you and your Anthro-inspired pillow on my free motion quilting blog, The Inbox Jaunt today–Seems to have been very popular with my followers. If you’d ever like to collaborate on a project or do a guest post please let me know at

  5. Susan the farm quilter says

    Love what happens when someone creative gets pissed!!! Great pillow! Who in their right mind would pay $200 for a pillow??? Insane!! Your pillow is great! If you are struggling with FMQ, consider the thread you are using. Check out Superior Threads in their education tab and see if that will help you. I don’t quilt on a DSM – tried it once, never again!

  6. Ellen says

    Love the pillow. Can’t wait to try making one. Of course I have to clear off my cutting table, etc of the other projects I want to make.

  7. Mary Brien says

    Love your pillow and thoroughly enjoyed your comments. Too true… no way would I pay nearly $200 for any pillow! May give his one a try. Wondering whether white jersey fabric would give that ragged edge look without fraying it? Thanks a bunch!

  8. says

    Holy cow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I’m just beginning to make friends with my sewing machine but hopefully one day I can work my way up to this! And I totally adore Button Eye Larry 🙂

  9. says

    Okay. You are hilarious. And I have to say that octopus pillow is pretty amazing. You could probably legitimately charge 200 bucks for it. So glad I found your blog. I will definitely be following along. (P.S. If you have a second, I’d love if you linked up to The Makers link party over on my blog)

  10. Barbara says

    I sure do hope you kept gettin’ mad!
    Great project. One of my goals this year is to unpack the sewing machine I purchased 10 years ago, and learn how to use it!

  11. says

    Arrrrgh! Quit giving me new projects to try!!!!! Just kidding! Love it and must now learn what a ladder stitch is. Keep try with your free motion foot. It is definitely an art….

    • says

      Quit with new projects?! Never! I am definitely going to play with the free motion foot this week. Last time was pretty frustrating. It may end up coming off the machine and flying across the room.

  12. says

    Not only do I love the how-to in this article, but I also love the humor you’ve added! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks… I’m impressed!!


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