Easy DIY PVC Pipe Headboard

Last week when I showed you the large scale circle art, I mentioned that I was also working on a headboard for this room….

It’s finally done!


Since I was trying to keep this room kind of modern/industrial, my first idea was to use stacked cinder blocks as the headboard. After taking some measurements and doing a little math, I realized that it would have been crazy heavy. Also, I just can’t see my fat butt haulin’ that many cinder blocks up the stairs. So, my idea went from insanely heavy to super duper light.

The back of the headboard is made from Foamular, the same material that I used for the large scale art. I also bought two 4 inch wide, ten foot long PVC pipes.

This headboard is for a full sized bed, so I cut three feet off of the foamular, making it four feet tall and five feet long.  I had planned on being all manly and using the compound miter saw all by myself, but as soon as I turned it on, I became Brick Tamland and couldn’t handle the loud noises.

So Hubs had the cutting job.


He cut the pipe into 3/4″ slices, marking and then cutting each one as he went. It took about two hours including his sandwich break.

I laid out the slices as Hubs cut, and when we got to nine rows, we decided that was enough. And the man needed a nap.


I scooped up all the slices and a couple sheets of 220 grit sandpaper, sat in front of the TV and sanded off any rough edges. Then I followed that up with a wet cloth wipe down. The PVC is super static-clingy, so after each one got a wipe down, it went into a new box to keep from getting little PVC bits on it. I took them out to the garage, laid them out and sprayed them with Rustoleum Gloss White.


I let them dry while I painted the foamular. I peeled off the plastic covering….


…and then painted it using the same paint that I used for my large scale circle art.


To glue on the circles, I picked up some PVC epoxy and, without reading the label, just went for it, gluing the slices to the board. After a couple rows, I went back to check and noticed that the epoxy was melting the foam. Shart.


I read the label, which clearly states that it is not for use on foam. Shart. Even though the epoxy was kind of melting the foam, it still had a really good bond going, so I didn’t start over. I covered the flubs with some paint dabs and headed back up to Home Depot and grabbed some Liquid Nails.




After placing the headboard behind the bed, I decided that I wanted to cut a little bit off of the bottom so that my Ombre Hombre would still fit above the bed without being hung too high. I cut off about a foot.

Since there is a chair rail on the wall behind the bed, I knew I couldn’t just nail this thing to the wall and have it be flush, the chair rail would make it all wonky. So, using liquid nails, I glued a 1″ x 2″ to the back of  the foamular at the top and the bottom and let it set overnight.


I also added a pair of d-rings to the wood spacer for easy hanging.


The foamular was $13.65, the two PVC pipes were $25.44, the spray paint was $3.87 and the liquid nails was $2.78, so the total cost of this project was about $45 bucks. We have 5 ft of leftover pipe as well as leftover foamular.



If I had the project to do all over again, I would definitely use wood rather than foamular.



Can’t wait to get the rest of this room done!


    • says

      Actually, Stacey, I don’t. I’ve been blogging since January and didn’t start following Mandi until mid-Feb when she did her bridesmaid shoot for The Homies. I went to her site and searched for a PVC headboard and nothing came back. I did find some inlay drawer fronts using PVC, but I wasn’t able to find a headboard. I would love to see it. Can you send me the link? Thanks so much, Stacey.

  1. Kia says

    I love your sense of humor. This is headboard idea is amazing!!! This is definitely on my staycation project list. I just need to find a brave person to cut the pipe for me 🙂

  2. says

    This a great idea! Do you think that if you used a wood backing, the PVC could be cut wider to create little “cubbies?” You know, for knick knacks, or small storage for the guests’ personal items like glasses, neklaces, etc..

    • says

      Absolutely! You would have to give it a little test run to see how long you could actually go with the PVC to make sure it would stick, but that liquid nails stuff is pretty serious. That would be awesome. Would also give you a little more space to maybe paint the insides of the pipe a contrasting color! 🙂 Thanks, Angela!

  3. says

    Girl, this is seriously awesome! I love how you think and how you cuss {shart} haha…I may have to start using that one 🙂 An incredible job on the headboard, pinned!!


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