Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson’s Chair

Okay, for real, though, THIS chair might be my favorite chair.  I bought this from someone on Facebook on one of those Buy/Sell/Trade pages for about $40 bucks.  I couldn’t resist this shape.  I just love it.  But dang, that decades-old-stank-velvet was gross.  Every time I redo a chair, I can’t help but think of all the farts that have been absorbed by them in the past.  Ugh. This one was comfy, so I knew it had to be a prime location for passin’ the gas.

Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

I removed the frame and stripped ‘er down…

Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

Sewed up the new fabric and secured it with staples and tack strips…

Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

I hit the rusty metal frame with some Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer Spray and then followed that with Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x Gloss in Dark Grey.


Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

The fabric is Premier Prints Cottage Summerland in Citrine/Natural .

Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |


Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |


Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

Found this under the cushion:

Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

Why do I call it “The Jefferson’s Chair”?


Movin’ on up!

Furniture Refurb: The Jefferson's Chair |

Here she is chillin’ in the kitchen.


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    Would you say the color for this fabric is more yellow or green? It looks yellow in your picture but kinda green on the fabric website. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for yellow because I really want to use it on something.

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      Cara, It’s truly chartreuse, so it’s right there in the middle. They call it “citrine”, I think that describes it perfectly. Online Fabric Store sells samples for $1.75 – might be worth ordering a swatch just to be sure, but I think the OFS pics are pretty spot on. It might also depend on what you put around it. I have it set up in the kitchen with some yellow in the pics, but it currently lives in a room that’s got green/chartreuse-y accents and it goes well in there, too. Hope that helps…?

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    Hi, That is so awesome now – but wait – my eye caught the tag Denholm in Houston. Haha, I’m a native Houstonian and still living here at 67. I remember the store. How cool is that.

    Great job. You did a fantastic redo.

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      I’m from Dallas and bought this chair in Garland! The tag under the chair said that a sofa was purchased with it and I did all sorts of Googling and couldn’t find anything. That’s awesome that you know the store!

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    The fabric you chose for this chair is absolutely perfect! I’d love it if you would share your project on my new link party, DIY:Done! at The party is open through Sunday, and every weekend. Hope to see you there!


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