Pom Pom Pillow

I’ve been going pillow crazy for the past couple of weeks. I recently made this little guy and it was so simple! She’s not that comfy, but dang, she’s cute!


A while back, when I redid my Mom’s hope chest , I found an ancient looking round table cloth inside.


The table cloth was a scrapper, but the pom pom trim was screaming at me to be used somewhere… on something.

I removed the trim with a seam ripper and then set it aside…


I had originally planned to do a generic square pillow with the poms as the trim, but then I saw The Makerista’s submission for round two of Creating with the Stars.  As soon as I saw the pillow she made, which was actually a genius Anthro knock-off, I knew exactly how to reincarnate these giant poms.

I cut two pieces of lightweight canvas about one inch bigger on each side than my pillow form and then laid the poms on top and cut them to length.


 Row by row, I attached the trim using this stuff:


 Then sewed ‘er up with a zigzag stitch.


 I started with the top row, which actually caused the poms to get in the way of sewing the next row down. If I were to do this again, I would start with the bottom row first.

Next, I put the front and back pieces right side together and pinned all the way around, making sure that the poms weren’t in danger of being stabbed to death with my machine needle.


 Then I sewed almost all the way around the pillow, leaving a small opening for the pillow form, like this:

Pom-Pom-Pillow-13-www.heartsandsharts.comI pressed the pillow cover, clipped the corners, inserted the pillow and sewed ‘er up, like a lazy girl. If you want to hand stitch your pillow closed, I highly recommend the ladder stitch. I mean, I don’t know what a professional would do, but this stitch is easy and invisible. Or be a lazy girl and sew ‘er up quick with your machine.


…aaaaaaand Yahtzee.  A pom pom pillow.


If you’re on a cover-every-surface-with-pillows kick, like I am, you can also check out how to make your own pillow shams with a flange as well as how to make the easiest pillow cover ever.


Happy pom-pom-pillowing! Smiley face.


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    I am a sucker for anything with poms on it and this pillow is no exception! My brain is spinning now! I may be copying you on this one!

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    Oh my gosh! Stopping in from Home Stories A to Z and this pillow stopped me in my tracks! This is amazing! My friends and I have a link party called Be.You.Tiful where we focus on interior design, beauty, diy, fashion, and healthy living. Your blog is the perfect fit for our link party. Our party starts every Thursday at 7 pm MST. Hope to see you link up: http://www.frysauceandgrits.com


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