Wooden Crate Footstool

I drug the Hubs out to Woodstock Market last weekend so we could grab a couple things I had spotted the weekend before at the Junk Drunk Jones booth only to find they had moved out. Boo! We asked an employee up front what the deal was and they said they had left to go to the Round Top Antique Market in Texas. This was the second time in  the last two weeks I had heard about this market and both informers responded with “You’ve never heard of the Round Top Antique Market?!”  “Uh, I feel like I just said that.” Hubs and I have both lived in Texas our entire lives and have never heard of this market. Maybe we are idiots. Maybe we run with the wrong crowd. Or maybe Texas is effing massive and there are a million antique markets.


Whatever. Anyway, we skipped across the road over to Woodstock Antiques and picked up this awesome whisky crate.

Wooden-Crate-Footstool-2-www.heartsandsharts.comYeah, it says Usher’s. Shut up, I like the green stripe. And the whisky. And the part about Scotland. And the $20 dollar price tag. (What do you mean you’ve never heard of Usher?!)

I got it home and dug through my stash of wheels and casters… yeah, that’s a real thing…


…and found the perfect set. Yes, there are only three. The other one was in my purse. I had taken it to Home Depot with me to find a matching hex nut.

Wooden-Crate-Footstool-4-www.heartsandsharts.comHubs and I had made a deal that he would go junk shopping with me if I would go to the new Top Golf down the road. God loves me, so he made it rain (actual rain, not cash-money) and we didn’t go to Top Golf. So I got Hubs to cut me a piece of wood that we had chillin’ in the garage. I laid it on top of some leftover foam scrap, cut it out and hot glued it on.


I wrapped that in batting and then cut out a piece of canvas drop cloth I had in my fabric stash. Then, I edited a pic of the crate in Photoshop to create a stencil with my Silhouette Cameo to match. I used a foam brush to apply matte black fabric paint and put it on there quickly, sloppily and uneven to make it look… old, I guess.


I heat set the paint to keep it from coming off on feet and butts.


I wrapped the wood/foam with the stenciled fabric and stapled ‘er on.  I checked in my stash of old drop leaf parts and found one that I wanted to rob parts from.

If you call me a hoarder one more time, I will kick you.


I removed those brackets (ps. All flathead screws should die)…


…and attached them to the cushion, making sure that the screws weren’t long enough to go all the way through the cushion.


I drilled some holes for the casters, stuck ’em in there…


…and then secured them with some hex nuts.


Then attached the cushion with the same stupid flathead screws from the drop leaf.


Boom! Done. Wooden crate footstool.

Check out my new Grammy-Winning-Usher-Raymond-Whisky-Crate-Footstool-Storage-Ottoman.


You might be questioning why I put the cushion on in the direction I did. Or maybe you didn’t notice. Maybe you aren’t even reading this and you’re just scrolling through the pics and thinking about how I’m an idiot for not knowing about Round Top.

Ok. Take your right leg, lift it up and kick yourself in the left leg until you fall down. That’s from me.

I like this side of the crate and I like the hardware paired with it but wanted the cushion to read properly when you turn it to open it.


What do you mean you don’t know what my “Come and Take It” pillow means?!

Kidding. You can read about it here. I actually had no idea it started in Georgia, which is weird.



So easy. He can’t believe his eyes.


I’m sorry for kicking you. I love you.


Come over and poot on Usher (Ushah, Ushah, Ushah). We’ll giggle.


  1. says

    I seriously love your personality! I think you and I would totally be friends! Thanks for linking your footstool up with the Thursday S.T.Y.L.E. Link Party! I’m choosing to feature it tomorrow night! Oh and I love your “Come and Take It” pillow! I think I’ll have to make my own;)

  2. says

    Hi Dena, I’m new to your blog and I’ve gotta say, I enjoy your writing style…and your projects. Come on, this Usher Wooden Crate Footstool is gorgeous, despite me not being a fan of Usher (don’t slap me)! I love everything about it especially the replicated graphic on the drop cloth fabric.

  3. says

    okay, this is crazy – i keep seeing neat stuff on pinterest and i look to see that your the pinner/creator. the last time it happened, i just had to come by and take a look at the awesomeness. want to know the crazy part? i’m the one who first schooled you on roundtop. small world! and i have to clarify that if you’re not a dealer you may not know about such things as roundtop, so don’t feel like you’ve been living under a rock or anything 🙂 you got some crazy skills going on – look forward to seeing more! xo, sarah

    • says

      Hahaha! Thanks, Sarah! I DO kinda live under a rock, so it’s not that surprising that I had never heard of it. But now it’s on my list of places to go junkin’. I’ll give my husband your contact info so he can thank you personally. Ha! I just checked out your Etsy shop -Love it! I have a whole set of the chartreuse (aka Shart-roose) Russell Wright and am completely obsessed with it.

  4. Ginger says

    Hello! Just stopping by to let you know that I featured YOU today over on my blog! Thank you so much for linking up to {wow me} wednesday! 🙂

    Ginger @ GingerSnapCrafts.com

  5. says

    You are seriously my hero for having a bin of casters. The beau won’t let me stock up on them, something about stumbling on too many dressers…

    Anywho, love what you did to your thrifty purchase!!

  6. Gillian says

    I just found you through Pinterest and I have to say I am in love. The name Hearts & Sharts is GENIUS!!!!! You had my hubby and myself laughing our heads off! My seven year old super conservative daughter thinks your name is rude, but we booed her out! Love this post and I you style!

  7. says

    That is adorable!! I am from Dallas and had no idea about said Roundtop Market either!! But let’s be honest, people in Texas are kinda stupid… me included 🙂

    You are killing me… you are so funny! I found you from Organize and Inspire this morning and the second I saw your Blog was name Sharts it was like a moth to a flame – I had to click over. Once here I had to go to your “About” page thinking “did she seriously name her blog after poop accidents?” And you did and I love it so much I could eat it (your blog not the poop). My friends and I joke about sharting all the time… partly because when my son was 6 and had a friend over for a sleepover his friend came running up to me to tell me “Mrs. Weber (Reber he has a cute lisp) I need new underwear I just sharted”….

    I am now a fan and subscriber!!!

  8. says

    teeeeeeeeellllllllll meeee, do you wanna get freaaaaaaaaaaakyyyyyyyyyyyy? i just want to take it nice and sloooowwwww

    they call me u-s-h-e-r-r-a-y-m-o-n-d, baby, tell me what you wanna do to me.

    yup. that’s happening. thanks a lot. 😉

  9. says

    Great work! I’m loving your stash of wheels and casters but worry that my husband would commit me if I ever started a stash like that 🙂

  10. says

    Both Ursher the box and Ursher the man look wonderful. And I cant believe you found such a deal at WFO! I need to take a stroll up there to find some things for my house.

  11. says

    So brilliant! Seriously, can we be best friends? I love your Texas to Europe comparison (apparently DFW is the Germany of Texas?), the fact that you have a freaking stash of casters (neatly labeled, of course) and your awesome sense of humor. You are the kind of hoarder I aspire to be when I grow up 😉

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