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Diamond Tufted Ammo Footstool || Hearts & Sharts

Diamond Tufted Air Force Footstool

This project has been on my to do list forever and I finally got around to doing it….  and blogging about it. The whole thing cost me less than 8 bucks and was my first attempt at diamond tufting. I was also able to use the replacement buttons from my Grandfather’s Air Force uniform and they made this little […]

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DIY Abstract Art || Hearts & Sharts

[VIDEO] Easy DIY Abstract Art

Up until just about a month ago, almost this entire gallery wall was full of frames. Only frames. Since I was planning this gallery wall around frames I already had, it was much easier to throw them … [Read More...]

Knock Off Train Depot Sign || Hearts & Sharts

Knock Off Train Depot Sign

I have a wall in my craft room where I tape up pics torn out of magazines. I've had a picture of a vintage train depot sign taped up on the wall forever and finally got around to making it. I am just … [Read More...]

Haters Gonna Hate || Hearts & Sharts

Haters Gonna Hate || Updated

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you know that internet trolls exist. I have no idea what kind of pleasure they get from insulting or belittling people while hiding behind their … [Read More...]

Free Christmas Printable || Luke 2 || Hearts & Sharts

Free Christmas Printable || Luke 2

Okay, last free printable of the year. This one is my fav, hope you love it as much as I do! This free Christmas printable is from Luke 2:14. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, … [Read More...]

Thrift Score Thursday || Hearts & Sharts

Thrift Score Thursday

 I've been on a thrifting hiatus lately because...  money. And also space. But I hit a flea market this past weekend just in time to guest host Thrift Score Thursday this week and I'm pretty much … [Read More...]

Signs from Above || Hearts & Sharts

Signs From Above

Hi. So, yeah, another personal post. The last one felt a little weird to write but once I got it out there, not so weird. Did that last post open the flood gates? I dunno, maybe. Maybe it's just too … [Read More...]

Vintage Rustic Wedding || Hearts & Sharts

Feeling the Feels

Getting personal on the blog is not something I'm in the habit of doing. I don't tend to get to personal in real life, either. I've shared a couple personal posts with you guys; one of them was my … [Read More...]

Free Watercolor Printable || Thessalonians || Hearts & Sharts

Free Watercolor Printable

Hey friends! I made a few watercolor inspired free printables to share with you for Thanksgiving. There are several different colors and, since this is a bible verse, it's great for year round … [Read More...]

Transforming Thrift Store Finds with Sculpey and Rustoleum || Hearts & Sharts ||

Transforming Thrift Store Finds

A couple months ago I went back to Texas to visit family and did some digging around in an old house that is on their property. It was actually my great grandparents home but has become a kind of … [Read More...]

Whiskey Barrel Top End Tables || Wedding Guest Book || Hearts & Sharts ||

Whiskey Barrel-Top End Tables

I got another custom order from the sweet girls at GordonDunning. I gotta admit I was a little bit panicked about this one,  but it ended up being so easy. The order was to use their client's wedding … [Read More...]

Prep and Painting Process || Hearts & Sharts

Prep and Painting Process

Hey ya'll! If you follow this blog regularly, you know how often I talk about all the projects that I haven't shared. When posting before and after images of painted furniture projects, it seems a … [Read More...]

Vintage Rustic Wedding || Hearts & Sharts

Vintage Rustic Wedding

Hubs and I celebrated our third anniversary last week and after going through the photos and reliving that amazing day, I remembered that crazy hectic time and allllllll the DIY projects I did.  Since … [Read More...]

Vintage Media Console Update || Hearts & Sharts

Vintage Media Console Update

Hi. Back in March, GordonDunning dropped off this vintage mid-century media console: It's a gorgeous mahogany RCA Victrola media console. (We have a similar looking Columbia in our front room, … [Read More...]

Antique Secretary Makeover || Hearts & Sharts

Antique Secretary Makeover

Back in March I got a rush order from GordonDunning to refinish a dining room table, a pair of end tables, and an antique hutch... and by rush order, I mean, like 10 days. Ten days seems like plenty … [Read More...]

Upholstery Free Chair Makeover || Hearts & Sharts

Upholstery Free Chair Makeover

Okay, I know I say this in almost every post, but I have so many projects to share that I just haven't been able to get to... mostly because there are a thousand other projects on my to do list and I … [Read More...]

Painting a Striped Dresser || Hearts & Sharts

Painting a Striped Dresser

This project was done for our most recent Dwell with Dignity install here in Atlanta and was all coordinated by Nandina Home & Design. Today I am just sharing this one piece from the project but … [Read More...]