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DIY Watercolor Mug || Hearts & Sharts

[VIDEO] Watercolor Inspired Mug || No Nail Polish

Oh my goodness, you guys. This tutorial has been on my to do list since last fall. Finally got ‘er done and in video form, no less! Whoohoo! So, I bet you’ve seen these watercolor inspired mugs hanging out on Pinterest and the interwebs but they are all made out of nail polish. Nail polish […]

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Cute DIY Onesies & Free Download || Hearts & Sharts

Cute DIY Onesies & Free Download

In my last couple of posts, I mentioned I've been doing some doodling. Recently, a friend of mine asked for help getting a gift for his sister's baby shower and I doodled up a couple of things to put … [Read More...]

MCM Inspired Ikea Maskros Hack || Hearts & Sharts

MCM Inspired Ikea Maskros Hack

When I shared our dining room makeover and I told you I would share the DIY deets for the light really soon. But then I got some new pens, a doodle book, and developed an obsession with Illustrator, … [Read More...]


Shart Stories – Episode 2

The last shart story was almost two years ago so I am so excited to present to you...  NUMBER TWO. That's right, Shart Stories Episode 2 is here and, you guys, this is hilarious. This was submitted … [Read More...]

Colorful Eclectic Modern Dining Room || Hearts & Sharts

Colorful Eclectic Modern Dining Room

I have another room makeover for ya. It might seem like I'm making over every room in the house; I'm not. My OCD won't let me share something that isn't "done" - and when is a room truly done? Never. … [Read More...]

DIY Graffiti Inspired Art || Hearts & Sharts

DIY Graffiti Inspired Art

Do you remember when Pinterest was invite only? Seems like forever ago... which is also about when "paint chip art" became a huge thing. And, of course I made one. It's been sitting in the basement … [Read More...]

DIY Deck Lighting || Hearts & Sharts

DIY Deck Lighting

When I shared our vintage guest bedroom, I think I said I would share the other guest room that recently got a "shop-your-house" makeover. The pics didn't turn out so great, so I retook them. Once … [Read More...]

DIY Faux Tarnished Brass Finish || Hearts & Sharts

Faux Tarnished Brass Finish

Back in March I shared a Dwell with Dignity makeover sponsored by Codarus and mentioned a faux tarnished brass finish that I did on one of the dressers. It's so easy and pretty cheap. I've got a quick … [Read More...]

Another Vintage Bedroom Makeover || Hearts & Sharts

[Another] Vintage Bedroom Makeover

Are you ready for a vintage guest room makeover?! So, I wasn't going to share this, because it's really not a makeover, but then I went back and looked at the before images and thought, "honkin' … [Read More...]

Easy DIY Mother's Day Coffee Mug || Hearts & Sharts

[VIDEO] Easy DIY Mother’s Day Mug

I feel so on top of my game right now. I'm sure it won't last long but this is this first time ever in the history of shartland that I have a gift idea for a holiday that hasn't already passed. What?! … [Read More...]

Vintage Retro Kitchen || Hearts & Sharts

Vintage + Retro Kitchen

I've shared our kitchen before so this is more of an evolution than a makeover. But since it's been in a magazine (Is she still talking about that?! Yes. Yes, I am.) and I've made a few changes, I … [Read More...]

DIY Copper + Wood Drink Caddy || Hearts & Sharts

Copper + Wood Drink Caddy

Hey-eeyyyy! #SwapItLikeItsHot week is officially over but I  have one more project to share from the goodies I got from Karen at Dogs Don't Eat Pizza. Last time I shared this bouquet holder that I … [Read More...]

Thrift Store Swap || DIY Bouquet Holder || Swap It Like It's Hot

Swap It Like It’s HOT!

It's here! One of my favorite events... Today is the kick off for a week of amazing thrift store transformations. A bunch of thrift lovers got together (thanks to Charlotte at Ciburbanity), … [Read More...]

How to Fake Hand Lettering || Hearts & Sharts

How to Fake Hand Lettering

This is one of the easiest and most gratifying DIY's ever. It's cheap, it's easy and best of all, it's totally trendy right now. So, ya know all those hand lettered signs you've been coveting on Insta … [Read More...]

DIY Abstract Art || Hearts & Sharts

[VIDEO] Easy DIY Abstract Art

Up until just about a month ago, almost this entire gallery wall was full of frames. Only frames. Since I was planning this gallery wall around frames I already had, it was much easier to throw them … [Read More...]

Knock Off Train Depot Sign || Hearts & Sharts

Knock Off Train Depot Sign

I have a wall in my craft room where I tape up pics torn out of magazines. I've had a picture of a vintage train depot sign taped up on the wall forever and finally got around to making it. I am just … [Read More...]

Haters Gonna Hate || Hearts & Sharts

Haters Gonna Hate || Updated

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you know that internet trolls exist. I have no idea what kind of pleasure they get from insulting or belittling people while hiding behind their … [Read More...]

Free Christmas Printable || Luke 2 || Hearts & Sharts

Free Christmas Printable || Luke 2

Okay, last free printable of the year. This one is my fav, hope you love it as much as I do! This free Christmas printable is from Luke 2:14. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, … [Read More...]

Thrift Score Thursday || Hearts & Sharts

Thrift Score Thursday

 I've been on a thrifting hiatus lately because...  money. And also space. But I hit a flea market this past weekend just in time to guest host Thrift Score Thursday this week and I'm pretty much … [Read More...]

Signs from Above || Hearts & Sharts

Signs From Above

Hi. So, yeah, another personal post. The last one felt a little weird to write but once I got it out there, not so weird. Did that last post open the flood gates? I dunno, maybe. Maybe it's just too … [Read More...]

Vintage Rustic Wedding || Hearts & Sharts

Feeling the Feels

Getting personal on the blog is not something I'm in the habit of doing. I don't tend to get to personal in real life, either. I've shared a couple personal posts with you guys; one of them was my … [Read More...]